Monday, July 21, 2008

This just in...

John McCain can't use the Internet by himself.

In related news, John McCain is an incontinent, doddering old fool who is quite possibly either in the middle stages of clinical dementia or is, in fact, from Mars.

In fact, I suppose I can say anything I want about John McCain on this blog, and he won't know. So I think I'm going to start attaching a wild, baseless McCain claim to the end of every blog post until he loses the election (fingers crossed) in November.

I suppose, though, unlike the current president, if an aide printed off a copy of this, McCain would PROBABLY know all the words I use, AND how to pronounce them. Maybe even SPEL some.


DUBIOUS MCCAIN FACTOID OF THE DAY: Like Michael Vick, John McCain breeds pit bulls for dog fighting. Unlike Michael Vick, however, McCain breeds them for fighting fluffy baby bunnies.

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