Monday, August 11, 2008

DRANK: The Final Frontier

Here it is, kiddos! The official DRANK liveblog, powered by our friends at CoverItLive. This is a super-hip web 2.0 device that allows you to liveblog with multiple contributors in real-time, and allow real-time moderated comments, polls, Q&A, etc. And, the best part (at least for me) is that it's FREE! This is good stuff, bloggers. Check it out below. Everything we're liveblogging is going to be on this blog, in that nifty window, in real-time, for your enjoyment. You can set up a reminder by entering your e-mail address, and it will remind you that Maddy and I are going to slow our roll in real-time whenever you want this reminder to occur. Also, there's a little button with a ? on it that y'all should read, just so you know how CoverItLive works, and how exactly this guy is gonna work.

By the way, this is all going down at 8 PM Eastern. Mark your calendars. Gosh, I feel like a real live blogger now.


Drank has been consumed. We are SLOWED DOWN. Videos will probably follow tomorrow. A note about Drank: This particular variant of the beverage is non-alcoholic and devoid of any illegal or non-prescribed substances, unlike the "real" drank. This beverage is a mass-marketed "anti-energy" drink and there is nothing illegal or unsafe about this liveblogging experience. Just so you all know, and so I don't get fired from my job or an angry phone call from my mom.

1 comment:

caito said...

This live blog is just as good the next day! Well, actually, it isn't. We shouldn't have relied on the fickle iPhone to let us participate, and I'm pissed that I couldn't vote in the polls.

Do you guys feel well-rested today?