Tuesday, February 12, 2008

French Connection/UK

So, I've decided to scrap the idea of making this blog entirely about electronic music, although electronic music will still be an area of predominant focus. I think I'm going to try to take this in the direction of providing a clearinghouse for any and all reviews/think-pieces I might feel compelled to write.

On the subject of reviews, Kyle Gann, one of the foremost scholars in the realm of contemporary music, was in residency at the dubiously beautiful University of Kentucky last week. I say dubious because, the night before Kyle arrived, the storm of the century decided to abscond with part of my apartment complex's roof, as well as taking various and sundry gutters and light fixtures as sacrifice. All that aside, Kyle was fantastic, and it was a true joy to spend some time with someone who knows so much and is so well-versed in so many areas of music scholarship. He is a consummate musicologist, critic, and composer, and it was great to have him here to share his insights on all these disciplines over the course of the week. Be sure to check out his blog on the regular!

On the subject of other blogs, I've added a handy-dandy link table to the blog. Be sure to check out these links- of particular note are Valerie and 20jazzfunkgreats. Valerie never ceases to amaze me- it's a collection of weirdo Frenchmen making the best house music that 1982 has to offer, only in 2008. 20jazzfunkgreats is what The Onion's AV Club would be if it had spent its formative years playing tabletop war games instead of wearing tight jeans and smoking clove cigarettes. Both of these blogs are excellent. Europeans have their finger on the pulse of the 1980's (and anyone familiar with me should be well aware with my obsession with the "weird 80's"), while the extent of American 80's worship is this tripe. God help us all.

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