Monday, March 3, 2008


What can I say about Zappa that hasn't already been said? Well, not much, but there are plenty of people who can, and many of them are descending upon Lexington next Friday (March 14) to discuss and perform his works. The American Musicological Society is having its South-Central Chapter meeting at the University of Kentucky, and the highlight of the symposium (the summit of the summit, if you will) will be a keynote address by Zappa's widow, Gail, and performances of both Zappa's work and the work of his inspirations (a particular highlight will be the UK Percussion Studio's performance of Varese's Ionisation, on which I will be performing the siren and lion's roar). Also of note are presentations on Danish Modernity, Avant-garde jazz, the Rutles, the Rolling Stones, P.J. Harvey, Bjork, and "Modern (Electronic, Jewish, and Gay) Motherless Children". Whatever that means, I have no idea, but I am certainly excited to find out! More info can be found here, and a complete program of events can be found here. Try to attend if you can! I'm sure it will be a slammin' time for all involved!

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